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Generated from the Groups leading Fintech operations across the UK’s consumer credit market, Monevo’s data, is unique, powerful and has been proven to be hugely valuable to lenders, credit providers and other data businesses to enhance the quality of their credit decisions and existing internal data.

With extensive data points collected on the over 400,000 new credit applications per week Monevo Data Services is at the forefront of understanding today’s credit customer. The focus is on driving a single aggregated and consistent representation of an individual customer, who may appear across multiple products, applications and data sources.

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Our platform processes over 1.8 million new credit applications from 600k customers each month. Our database has over 20 million credit applications from 4.2 million individuals.

Introducing our data products

Collections & Tracing


A high quality tracing solution

With 600k unique applications per month our customer contact database is continually growing and being refreshed, enabling the provision of high quality contact details.

Credit Risk & Fraud


An alternative view of Credit Risk

Utilising time-bound, velocity, trend and ratio attributes, focusing on customer profiles and behaviours, we provide an alternative view of a customers’ Risk Profile enabling smarter decisions.


Improving assessments of affordability

Utilising current and historically declared income, expenditure, employment and banking details, AffordiT provides you with confidence in the information that a customer is providing to you.


Identifying suspicious transactions

With over 150k repeat customers every month, we are uniquely able to provide insight into irregular patterns of application information, along with suspicious links to other applicants.

Marketing & Analytics


Supply of contact and profile data

With 600k unique applications per month, we are uniquely able to provide recently updated and high quality data to our partners.


Improving the breadth of data you hold

Enhance your current data sets enabling improved segmentation, targeting and customer experience.


Suppress customers from targeting

Utilising predictive indicators from our 4Sight and/or IrregulR product range, improve your targeting to drive enhanced portfolio performance.

Triggers & Alerts


Notifying you of changes to your customers circumstances

Receive alerts highlighting changes to a customers’ contact information, income and expenditure or when they are applying for new credit facilities.

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We now have over 120 smart, fun, and dedicated FinTechies operating in 4 countries, working hard to ensure our clients and consumers are happy.

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