Meet Cory - Senior Partnerships Manager

Cory Magnus is a Senior Partnerships Manager, currently based in San Diego and supporting Monevo’s US territory by liaising with partners and managing complex relationships on a daily basis.

Robert BesterPosted: November 23, 2021

As a personal credit platform, Monevo provides the infrastructure that facilitates a complex personal credit marketplace.

On the one hand, Monevo forges multiple relationships with lenders, empowering them to distribute their products to highly qualified customers, thereby creating a market-leading lender panel. On the other hand, Monevo has many partnerships with a wide range of businesses; including comparison sites, personal finance apps, and consumer brands.

By cultivating a relationship with Monevo, these partners can embed and offer personal credit comparison to their customers and leverage Monevo's best-in-market lender panel. Managing these relationships on both sides of the credit ecosystem is a complex and demanding process, which is where a talented Partnership Manager is required.

Cory Magnus is just one of these managers, currently based in San Diego and supporting Monevo’s US territory by liaising with partners and managing complex relationships on a daily basis.

Meet Cory, Senior Partnerships Manager US

Cory has been with Monevo for almost 2 years, but his career has stretched back over 17 years, allowing him to take on various sales-orientated roles and deal with people on a daily basis. This has given him unique skills in problem-solving, creating strong relationships with stakeholders and optimizing partnerships so both parties come out better than they were before. 

When he started with Monevo, it was actually on the first day of the business shutting down for the pandemic, meaning Cory had to begin his new position by working from home. This added an extra hurdle when it came to learning the ropes and getting to know his fellow colleagues, along with the new partnerships he would be inheriting. 

The biggest change he has seen since the start of his professional career has been the way that technology has evolved, meaning that he has had to evolve with it, in order to be the best he can be at his job. In his very first role as a sales operative he was given a telephone book to track down leads, whereas now the ways of making professional connections can be as easy as clicking a button or sending an instant message. 

Unique perspective

One aspect of his time with the business, that has come almost as a blessing, is that Cory has had the unique perspective of seeing the business at its most muted during the first few months of the pandemic, all the way up to a thriving Fintech group, as Monevo continued to go from strength to strength.

This has given him a great understanding of how Monevo operates and has also tested his versatility when it comes to building relationships with partners and maintaining channels of communication, even when everyone is having to isolate.

In the span of 18 months he had seen the business on an upward trajectory, after dealing with initial challenges. This gave him the opportunity to learn about Monevo inside and out, which allows him to serve partners in the best way possible.

More recently, he has found that his partners have breathed a collective sigh of relief by being allowed to attend conferences and events in person again.This has meant that Cory is now able to spend time in front of people, rather than on a screen, building genuine relationships with people one-on-one.

Problem solving and optimizing partnerships

A major part of Cory’s job role is digging into problems and finding out the best way to optimize partner relationships without jeopardizing the level of support he is able to give for others. It’s all about balancing time and expectation, along with providing a level of consistency for our partners when issues arise.

One of the best ways of achieving this is to dig into partner reporting and discovering where issues are occurring, using the relevant data to analyze trends and finding out the root cause of a particular problem before it gets worse.

By working with partners in this way and having a close eye on reports, he is able to collaborate easily and offer explanations on particular issues, while being able to come up with realistic solutions to improve volume and conversions.

Competitive advantage

Cory takes a personal approach when building partner relationships, which he is only able to do because of the ethos of Monevo and the way he has become accustomed to providing support. 

Rather than charging partners for different levels of support, he believes that the way to build a functional relationship is to simply provide a blanket level of support that partners know they can rely on, allowing both parties to flourish.

The additional boost to this style of working has been the recent investment by TransUnion in Monevo. This has meant it makes the business much more competitive in the finance space, providing an improved access to analytics and decisioning, which has strengthened Monevo’s foothold in the marketplace. For Cory, this gives him access to further insights that he is able to pass onto partners, allowing him to strengthen his relationships even more.

If you would like to find out more about Cory and how he currently provides support for Monevo partners in the US, you can get in touch with him here.

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