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Bulldog Media's Car Finance Saver Partners with Monevo for Stress-Free Car Financing

Learn how Car Finance Saver partnered with Monevo to simplify car financing. Discover how this partnership helped them overcome challenges and achieve success.

Kyra RichardsPosted: November 27, 2023

Car Finance Saver is an online platform that helps drivers find and compare car finance quotes based on their specific situation. The platform was created to simplify the car financing process and provide customers with tailored and competitive finance deals. Car Finance Saver has partnered with Monevo to provide access to dozens of lenders and aims to deliver a stress-free experience to its customers.

Before partnering with Monevo, Bulldog Media faced the challenge of finding a car finance provider for their new website launch, Car Finance Saver, which was launched in September 2022. They needed to get an API in place alongside FCA authorisation to complete the launch successfully. After conducting thorough research, they chose Monevo because they stood out for their transparency, cost, and initial introduction call.

Car Finance Saver chose to partner with Monevo primarily based on two factors - price and ease of implementation. Monevo's price was competitive and fixed, which aligned with their business model. The ease of implementation also stood out to them, with multiple API implementation options, making it a straightforward process.

This partnership has played a significant role in the success of Car Finance Saver. Monevo has provided them with progress updates and catch-ups to help them grow and plan for the future. 

Ryan Toomey, Operations Manager at Car Finance Saver, said about our partnership: “They have been extremely helpful in answering our questions and providing valuable feedback, making them the perfect partner for us.”

Monevo worked to make the onboarding process quick, efficient, and transparent for Car Finance Saver, especially during this significant time of expansion. 

“From FCA authorisation to API implementation and everything else, we have received continuous support whenever needed,” said Ryan Toomey, Operations Manager at Car Finance Saver

Kyra Richards

Kyra has an extensive background in marketing, having worked in the industry for over 10 years. She has experience in film, as well as the tech, travel, and real estate sectors in both the US and UK. Kyra is responsible for overseeing Monevo's global brand, communications, and marketing efforts.

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Learn how Car Finance Saver partnered with Monevo to simplify car financing. Discover how this partnership helped them overcome challenges and achieve success.

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