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Canopy and Monevo have partnered to empower renters' financial health by offering tailored financial products and services. This partnership allows renters to access a wide range of financial solutions that fit their personal circumstances. Learn more about this exciting collaboration.


Plend, a UK-based consumer lender, has partnered with Monevo, The partnership aims to provide more inclusive lending options by offering pre-qualified personal loans to customers across the UK, utilising Plend's proprietary technology.


Monevo caught up with Tara Smith from Nerdwallet about how we powered their credit comparison needs.


Nicholas has been with Monevo US for just over a year and a half, continuing a distinguished career in fintech and marketplace partnerships that stretches back over a decade. Most of his previous experience had come from Bankrate and high-growth startups, where he focused on building strategic partnerships, ensuring that consumers could make big financial decisions with the help of insightful content and having the right technology in place.


Cory Magnus is a Senior Partnerships Manager, currently based in San Diego and supporting Monevo’s US territory by liaising with partners and managing complex relationships on a daily basis.