For protection advisers & providers

Monevo allows protection advisers and providers to access a huge marketplace of potential customers through one key relationship and without the regulatory or technical burden of working with and managing a huge network of affiliates and introducers.

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Quint Group were the first fully authorised operator with FCA principal status and compliance will always remain a strong focus.

For marketing affiliates

Monevo minimizes technology costs to enter the loan market.

Monevo allows affiliates to generate life insurance leads over the internet and deliver them to protection advisers offering whole of market policies. Monevo focuses on providing the commercial, technical, decisioning and regulatory infrastructure required to work in this highly regulated market.

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The Monevo platform ensures delivery of constant high volumes of life insurance customers into the major protection adviser call centres.

First rate client support

Both our protection advisers and marketing affiliates receive fanatical support to ensure they are getting the most from their campaigns. With world class reporting and granular insights everyone succeeds.

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We now have over 120 smart, fun, and dedicated FinTechies operating in 4 countries, working hard to ensure our clients and consumers are happy.

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