For Lenders

Monevo enables lenders to access a huge marketplace of potential customers through one key relationship and without the regulatory or technical burden of working with and managing a huge network of introducers & affiliates. Lenders also benefit from Monevo’s proprietary decisioning algorithms, ensuring quality and best customer outcome.

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Applications are intelligently and simultaneously decisioned and presented directly into the lenders systems via proprietary algorithms, ensuring best rate for customer and optimum revenue for Monevo’s affiliates and brokers.

For Affiliates & Brokers

Monevo allows affiliates and brokers to generate loan applications over the internet and deliver them to a whole of market panel of lenders. Monevo focuses on providing the commercial, technical, fraud prevention, decisioning and regulatory infrastructure allowing affiliates and brokers to focus on marketing and customer origination while guaranteeing best outcome for consumers.

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The Monevo platform aggregates huge volumes of customer applications and enquiries from regulated affiliates and brokers in real time via Monevo’s API or hosted forms.

Simple API integration & Hosted Forms

The Monevo API allows our partner affiliates to post consumer applications or quote data directly into the API via XML in real time. We will then pass the customer through the decision algorithm and return a response telling you the outcome, commision earned and where to send the customer next. Quickly & easily embed one of our device responsive application, quote or comparison forms. We host the form, so you don’t need to worry about anything other than driving traffic to your site.

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Monevo’s state of the art platform optimises application, lead delivery and quality in an intelligent way, allowing its providers to look at customers in real time before deciding to accept and purchase them. Monevo provides the ultimate origination channel.

Guaranteed best rates for consumers

For consumers, Monevo solves the time it takes and complexity of shopping around for an appropriate loan, including actually applying. This might involve looking at the products of 50 or more lenders each of which have very different scorecards and criteria. Monevo makes this process infinitely more efficient and transparent.

Customers who use websites powered by Monevo platform can simply provide their personal application data once, and Monevo will then search its whole network of lenders for the best offer. The consumer is pre-scored using our big data matching algorithms to preselect the most suitable lenders.

With direct integration into the lenders systems, which enable real-time decisioning by the actual lenders, the lowest rate offer is selected for the consumer.

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